Separation of military and police and where we are heading under Obama

by boudicabpi


This is where we are heading and now increasingly so since the Obama Presidency. Obama is clearly anti-American, anti-constitution and against Judeo Christian values. He is a big government pro-Islam souless being and must like a cancerous tumor be removed if we as a  nation of free people are to survive. URL:


Is Obama An Agent For Islamists

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Millions of Americans are Vulnerable to Starvation

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Ed Gillespie for United States Senate by Judson Phillips 

Tea Party Nation endorses Ed Gillespie for United States Senate in Virginia.

This endorsement should not be a surprise.  I’ve written in several blogs about looking at the long term strategic view of politics and in taking victories where we can get them. 

What might be surprising is the strength of this endorsement. 

After what the Establishment Republicans did to Chris McDaniel in Mississippi, supporting Ed Gillespie is imperative.

While there may not seem like an obvious connection between the Mississippi race and the Virginia race, there is.  This year, Virginia selected its nominee by a state convention instead of a primary.  The Republican Establishment squealed when the 2013 governor’s nomination was to be decided by a convention. Liberal Republican Bill Bolling dropped out rather than face Ken Cuccinelli.

Ed Gillespie did not complain that conservatives controlled the process and required a convention.  He set out to win.  He ran a disciplined and principled campaign.  His opponent was a conservative named Shak Hill.  While Hill was probably the favorite of most Tea Party activists, he did not win 

Gillespie ran a campaign that did not demonize Hill or the conservative movement.  Gillespie called himself a conservative and made it possible for conservatives to endorse and support his campaign.

But Gillespie has taken his campaign one step further.  As far as I know, he took no position in the race for Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District.  That is Eric Cantor’s old seat.  An educated guess is he probably favored Cantor. 

Gillespie has endorsed Dave Brat, the Tea Party candidate who beat Cantor.  He is campaigning with Brat and being very supportive of him.

I expect that Ed Gillespie will disappoint me on a number of votes.  But there is a bigger picture here.  He is a significant improvement over Mark Warner, who is an Obama fan boy.  But more importantly, he is a Republican who understands the enemy is the Democrats and the far left wing, not the conservative movement.

If Chris McDaniel does not win his challenge in Mississippi, the conservative movement is going to turn its back on Thad Cochran and many conservatives may deliver payback by voting for the Democrat.   If the Republicans are to have a prayer of taking the Senate back from the Democrats, Virginia must go red.

I am please to announce my personal support for Ed Gillespie as well as Tea Party Nation’s endorsement.

I encourage conservatives across the nation to help Ed Gillespie retire Barack Obama’s favorite Senator.


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Simple ways to draw from Subsoil (the combined application of the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity)…

      Lawmaking and bureaucracy must incorporate Subsoil into the conception, design and government operations to preserve the American Way of Life. Five important questions must be asked, truthfully answered and applied with integrity:

o       Will this new law help or hurt initiative or personal responsibility? Is it an entitlement, or will people be challenged and motivated to exceed the law’s intended goals? Are the people allowed to do their best when challenged?

o       Does the legislation or the bureaucracy it authorizes benefit the wider community without focusing on special interest groups (selective privilege) save for specific needs of the helpless. (We’re all needy – we’re not all helpless!)?

o       Will this legislation put people or regions in a box? Are individual and community initiative and uniqueness subordinated to a rigid plan for central control through taxes, financial manipulation or bureaucratic overreach?

o       Will the legislation require major government oversight or will it encourage and maximize private enterprise and employment? Personal involvement with open opportunities leads to the development of individual gifts and talents and from these, new technologies, industries and services.

o       Is the legislation less than 100 pages in length, devoid of selective privileges and unrelated riders?Draconian bills of great length are by definition “pretended legislation,” filled with poison bills and bureaucratic license. We can no longer pass bills so we can see what’s in them. If a bill is too long, it becomes impossible to analyze and critique.

This may sound simplistic, but it took only 13 “Acts” of the king in 11 years to rile the Colonists to Revolution. We have 159 new agencies to “eat out the people’s substance” in Obamacare alone.

This could be a good tool for vetting candidates and sorting out the public servants from the bureaucrats.

Gerald V. Todd, Ph.D.

Studies in Origins and Ultimates



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